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YY001 - Allikuhzi


About The YEH YEH Project

Access to clean water transforms lives, creates opportunities and lays the foundations to a brighter future. 


One way or another, I want to be part of the solution, that is what The YEH YEH Project is about. We raise funds to build wells in communities that need it around the world.


To create the maximum impact, we have partnered with drop4drop. Their vision is simple: Clean water for all, and as all their running costs are privately funded, every penny donated goes directly into the projects.


Every project they undertake provides clean water to a community who have never before had this privilege. They employ local labourers and heavily involve the community in each project to create a sense of ownership and pride. They also provide maintenance training and hygiene education to ensure maximum longevity. 

You can learn more about them at


Please take a look at our current projects, and thank you for being part of the solution.


With love,

Pavan Mukhi, founder

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Current Projects

Current Projects


Velakapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Population: 2535

The Velakapuram community rely on a tank that provides water to the community once every two days. For the community members who live in the village, limited provision of water places extreme pressure on families to access enough for their needs; women and children’s employment and education frequently suffer in the search for water. Alongside the installation of tanks, drop4drop in-country partners work with community members to demonstrate effective sanitation practices, ensuring that access to water improves health and productivity within the community.

Please take a moment to donate as little or as much as you like so we can build wells in communities that are most affected.

Past Projects

Nkanaga 5 (7).JPG

Population: 295

Year: 2019


Meyyur (6).JPG

Population: 5421

Year: 2019


Nawango 3.jpg

Population: 310

Year: 2019


The YEH YEH Project - YY001

Population: 2555

Year: 2019


Past Projects
Water Facts

Water Facts

The Issue


663 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. This is roughly one in nine of the world's population

Half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water related diseases (UN)


The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns (UN)


443 million school days are lost each year due to water related illness (WHO/UNICEF)


Women and children collectively walk 200 million miles a day to collect, often dirty and unsafe, water


1.5 million children die every year due to water related diseases

The Results


For every $1 invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic return of between $3 - $34 (WHO)


The introduction of a clean water source to a community saves thousands of hours every week previously lost to water collection


The time freed up from water collection means women have more time for work and productivity within the community increases


When children no longer have to collect water they can spend more time in education, improving their chances of a brighter future


Hygiene education programmes and practices dramatically improve the health of a community, heavily reducing the amount of water related diseases and deaths


Clean water lays the foundations to a brighter future and creates a happier world

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