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YY002 - Nawango 1, Mpigi District, Uganda

Population: 310

GPS: N00.11277 E032.03511

Year: 2019

Amount raised: £2,619.82

'As a mother raising a child in a community without clean water depicts a hopeless future. All parents hope the best for their children, as a mother I hope my children will grow up with the best education, happy child hood and safe happy home. A lack of clean water takes away all our children’s happiness to waking up early to fetch water, carrying water that weighs more than they can carry at their young ages. More from long distances taking away their time to play and do homework. With the availability of a clean water source in our community my children can sleep with no worry of water since it is now accessible at any time. There is hope for our children to live a better life and grow up healthy. The light has finally come to our community.'

- Namuwonge Justine, Nawango 2019

YY002 Nawango 1 - certificate.jpg

Thank you all for your donations

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