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YY003 - Meyyur SC Village, Tamil Nadu, India

Population: 5421

GPS: N 13.242783 E 79.950567

Year: 2019

Amount raised: £2,500


“We have been longing for adequate water facility in our village. But it was remaining as a dream and now we are able to get the required water source. Though we have water source we were not receiving water in a regular manner. Now we are making use of the water whenever required and also lot of time is saved for us we are making use of the time in a better manner and the time which was consumed for fetching water has been lessened. The women from our area are also very happy about the situation and we thank you very much for the support given to our village. We are able to spend more time for other activities and the tension of water has fully come down.”

- Mrs Nirmala (27), Meyyur SC Village, 2019

YY003 - Meyyur - Certificate.jpg

Thank you all for your donations

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